Law Office of Maurice A. Priest

        Providing legal expertise to clients for over 32 years,
Maurice Priest has been the attorney called on by homeowner associations, mobilehome owners, and businesses to resolve serious legal issues.  His direct approach, which provides clear legal advice and direction as the cornerstone of the attorney/client relationship, is appreciated by clients who value efforts to avoid more costly legal conflict and litigation.  

        Clients understand that the best prospects of negotiating a reasonable settlement with the opposition, is if their interests are represented by an experienced attorney who can effectively represent them at trial if a reasonable resolution is not achieved.  Maurice Priest is an experienced trial attorney who has handled trials throughout California and Hawaii.  He has testified as an expert witness on legal issues
in courts from San Diego to Santa Cruz.  After 32 years of practice, his experience and expertise is also known to opposing counsel, who will often give more favorable consideration to his settlement proposals, than those made by a well-intentioned, but inexperienced attorney.

        If you are in need of legal advice and representation, and you value experienced, personalized legal services, contact the Law Office of Maurice A. Priest for an appointment or consultation.        

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